From new managers eager to identify the unique gifts that will serve them as leaders, to CEOs and Executive Directors looking to step into their power, Carlie inspires clients to harness their gifts and experience to have concrete, meaningful impact.

Carlie can help you understand:

  • Yourself: identify your leadership style and goals
  • Your work: Set priorities, create workplans, “manage up” (communicating to senior leadership)
  • Your budgets: streamline your tools, forecast, explore revenue possibilities
  • Your team: Maximize your team’s skills, manage high/low performers, create workplans and targets and have confidence in every part of the HR cycle
  • Your projects: master the project journey from design, delivery, data-collection to evaluation

Carlie’s sweet spot in coaching is pairing the spiritual with the practical, tailoring each session to meet your needs.

Carlie has provided me with a number of practical and spiritual tools that I now use in both a professional and personal setting. Her common-sense approach often has me saying “what would Carlie do?”

Her leadership and support has allowed me to grow into a more confident, thoughtful, and impactful leader. She is the epitome of a fierce leader, a trailblazer who shows you what is possible in leadership.

Kelly Fisher,

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