Our Process

Think Nawaska is the right fit for your project? Take a peek at our process below.

Wyetk! Hi! Nice to meet you!

Indigenous communities visit. It is just that simple. We sit down over tea and bannock and have a good chat. That traditional concept of visiting will be part of our first meeting together. At this meeting, we will walk/talk through your needs, your timeline, all the things that make your community unique. It is the perfect time for you to share what keeps you up at night – stressful or inspirational – that Nawaska can help with.

Agreeing on our path

Indigenous communities may come from oral traditions, but we also had ways to document important things. After our first visit, I’ll create an overview of the project (to make sure I heard you right) with how Nawaska can help and an estimated cost. You can review it and we will come to consensus on how to move forward together in a good way.

Now the fun begins

Whether you need a simple meeting facilitation, an in-depth strategic planning/visioning process, ongoing coaching and support, or creative communication tools like videos or manuals, you can breathe and know that Nawaska will take your project over the finish line.

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